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What's New?

July 31st, 2001
Wow, it's been quite awhile since my last update! I know, I know. I've really slacked off. With school, friends and then summer camps, and all that stuff, I've had no time to fufill my Rover duties. But from now until forever, I'm going to have lots of time to update this thing, so look out! I'm free all the rest of this summer, and next year in school is going to be really easy. So, my apologies for this lack of updates, but I'll make it up!
I added a little banner for a Road Rovers top site thing on the front page. That's all!
October 9th, 2000
Hello people! ^^. Today was so boring -_-;;. It was cold, no one was home, and I spent the whole day doing nothing :). Yay! I can't wait 'till it starts snowing, though =P. Then I can play in the snow wooohooo :O.
Now, I updated My Art with a new pic =O. I also updated the Stories, with a brand spankin' new author! Welcome Dervish =D. I also added a new banner that Avien made for me ^_^. Thanks, buddy :DDDD.
September 21st, 2000
After not updating my poor pagey for about.. hmm...4 months? I finally sat my tush down, and did it! Seriously people, I REALLY apologize. I've been on vacation and at camps almost all summer, and once I got back, I didn't have alot of time for the internet, and plus, my computer was seriously screwed o.o. Anyway, the thought just struck me recenty. "Why don't I get back into Road Rover fandom?". And then I updated the page. My computer's fixed(yay, a new one!), I got a new E-mail address, and I'm planning to be more associated in Road Rover fandom from now on. Wooo! (yea. *hopefully*)
Now, the updates:
BIG updates here. Added a Creator's Page so you can learn about me ^^. I also updated the Art Page with a major update to my gallery, and a new section: The Fanart page. I also updated The Bios page, adding a bio for Manchita and cleaning it up a bit. Also, a few more random changes ^^.
I also have a few stories Dervish sent me that I need to put up! Wooo!
I think that's about all! Yay!
Let's hit the Road, Rovers! To the main page!