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Kameka,Miriananda, and Balem (c)Julie S, 2000.
Hunter, Colleen, Blitz, Exile, Shag, Muzzle, Hubert, The Master, Road Rover vechiles, situations, items, e.t.c. (c)Warner Brothers 1997-2000. No suing, please :)
The Arrival
By: Julie S.
This story tells how Kameka became a Road Rover :). It shows her background, where she is from, and other things :p. Read on..
Planet:Earth. Setting: Back in 2000, Parvo succededed in defeating the Road Rovers. As soon as the Road Rovers were off the planet, the world became a horrible place to live. Without the Road Rovers to maintain peace, not much later had Parvo done his other life long mission-He had complete control of the world. Now, in the year 3000, due to Parvo the 6th's bomb testings, was so pulluted, there wasn't sufficiant air to support the population on Earth.
"What are we going to do?" Mirinanada wailed. Mirinanda was what Parvo the 6th called "a disgrace to cano-mutants". When Mirinanada was mutated, instead of turning into an ugly, hateful mutant, was turned into a kind hearted Cano-Sapien. There were few of these "mistakes" that were created, and when they were, they were destroyed. Mirinanda was one of the few that managed to escape.

Balem, another "mistake" rolled is eyes. "Well gee? What do you think? Parvo's gonna catch on to where we're hiding out sooner or later. We're taking alot of his dogs, he's starting to notice.

"But..." Mirinanda stopped, rolling her paw through her thick violey hair.