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The Place of Stories!

Wow ;d You've reached Kameka's world of reading stuff ;d. Here, I have a selection of my personal favorite fanfiction, FF's people sent in, and of course, mine ;d. Please be reminded, just because your fanfiction isn't on here, doesn't mean I dislike it! I'm pretty lazy, so I may just not have posted it ^_~. Also, sometimes, I don't read everyone's stoof, so don't feel bad e_e. Now, getting to the point, here's some cool stuff to read ^_^

Works Avaliable:

Dervish's Fanfiction.

*Coming Soon*
Kameka's Fanfiction ^^

Got Fanfiction?Send it in! and I'll post it as soon as I get of my lazy bum :)
No more reading for me! Let's go back!