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"!?Road Rovers?!"

What is a Road Rover, anyway? Most people don't know, since the show was cancelled long ago because of an evil critic who didn't like it. Thus, Road Rovers had a short air time, and only 13 episodes ;_;. Personally, I don't know what possessed some critics/people not to like it. The show is a litle bit of everything, comedy, action, adventure, and even a little romance in there ;D. Now, the show is about 5 dogs(6, counting Muzzle) who were chosen to save the world. "Transdogmafieing" into human like dogs, called "Cano-Sapiens" they use their super vechiles, weapons, powers, and wit to save the world from the forces of evil :). Each of these Road Rovers lives with a world leader, and are called on when there's trouble to save the world. ^_^. Now.. Let's learn about these Rovers, shall we?

The Road Rovers are:

"I would have not of predicted this!"
Hunter's the lab mix from the United States :). Hunter's the leader of the Road Rover pack, and a good leader he is ^_^. Hunter was a stray dog in the pound when he was called on to be a Road Rover, and was about to be put to sleep! Luckily, he saved himself-But not without saving Muzzle, who is actually the Master's dog(See "Regining Cats and Dogs")-and of course his tennis ball!(What would have become of him without it ;D) Hunter was many powers, such as super fast running, super friendly, super forgiving, super nice, super lucky..^_~. Hunter also has a thing for Colleen ^_^. See? I told you there was romance in this show, too =D.

"I'll call you Mr.Fluffy Pants!"
Meet Colleen, the collie from England =). Colleen's the only girl Rover in the pack-but don't let that fool you! She's an awesome fighter.. often showing her skills on Blitz =). Colleen was also a stray when she was found, also, and later became the pet of the Queen of England :). Colleen also always seems to fogget Blitz's name-Calling him "Blunder" "Fluffy Pants" and other various names ^^. Colleen's powers are super aligle and martial arts =d. When she performs moves, she often says other things besides just a plain "Hi-YA!"

"I want to bite the tushie of the enemy!"
Meet my personal fav Rover, Blitz, the doberman from Germany. Though Blitz may be kind of self centered and a "Weird Boy" as Exile says, he still makes one of the coolest chars in the show =). Blitz was a junkyard dog when he was chosen to be a Road Rover biting the car-thieves tushies :D. Though he lives with the President of Germany now, he still enjoys biting things >:). Blitz's powers are his super jaws and super claws, which prove useful in many situations >:D. Blitz seems to like Colleen-alot, and he just doesn't seem to get the message that Colleen is taken-By Hunter. Blitz also wants to be the leader of the Road Rovers, but I think we should leave that job to Hunter, don't you?

"I love being Road Rover!"
Exile's the lovable Husky from Siberia =). Exile has to be one of my favs in the show-He's just so lovable. Exile is from Siberia, where he used to be a sled dog(but he now lives with the leader of Siberia), and seems to like America alot =). Exile says many things the wrong way, such as "Jingle Balls, Jingle Balls" Instead of "Jingle Bells", making him a very funny character. Exile also doesn't seem to like Blitz-or as he calls him "Weird Boy." Anyway, Exile's powers are Super sight, super streagth,and he can shot ice of fire beams out of his eyes. Nifty, huh?

"Ra Ra ra Ra!"
Yay! It's Shag, the sheepdog from Switzerland! Shag was chosen for his "Super Vourage" but as the Master said "4 out of 5 right, so sue me!". Shag is actually is a BIG coward ;D. One of Shag's "Powers" I guess you can call it-is that he can cook ;d. The only problem is, he cooks his things with toliet water X_X. Ah, well. Tastes good anyways ^_^. Shag is also different from all the other rover, when he was transdogmafied, he still stayed mostly dog =O.

"Uh Uh Uh uh!"
Muzzle isn't *really* a Road Rover. When Hunter escaped from the pound to go to RRHQ, he was nice enough to save Muzzle as well =). Muzzle is a little crazy, he's always kept in a straight jacket-except those special times when the Rovers use him as their secret weapon! Then they let him loose, and whoosh! The fur flies! Anyway, Muzzle actaully was the Master's pet, making his real name "Scout". It's a small world, huh?

The Master
"You're good, good dogs"
Ahh.. The Master. What would the Rovers be without him?(Well....dogs!). The Master, who's real name is William Shepard, was a scientist/inventor, designing the Transdogmafier, a machine that will turn normal dogs into homianiod dogs, or "Cano-Sapiens" that will possess super powers. He was going to use this experiment to change normal house dogs(Specfically Hunter, Colleen, Exile, Shag, and Blitz, since in "Regaining Cats and Dogs" he was looking up their profiles on some computers. Apparently, he already knew the dogs he wanted)in to crime fighting super dogs. Well, unfourtuntly, a guy name General Parvo(dun dun dun!), a particually nasty guy, messed up his plans. Stealing Professer Shepard's/The Master's dog, Scout(who is Muzzle. As I said before, small world), and telling Professer Shepard to hand over the plans for the Transdogmafier, or the dog gets it. Professer Shepard, people, is a real nice ghuy. He gave his plans to Parvo in exchange for his dog. But Parvo, unlike the Master/Prof. Shepard ISN'T a nice guy. He tricked the Master, and instead of getting his dog back.. he got a bomb. This bomb blew up Prof. Shepard/Master's intire lab, leaving a huge crator in the ground. A few years later.. Prof. Shepard, who survived the blast(but it had a few.. effects on him), redid his plans.. and created the one, the only... Road Rovers! Professer Shepard, now called "The Master" by the Rovers, creates vechiles for the Rovers, does stuff.. and heck, he calls them in on the missions. He also has a sense of humour sometimes ;).

General Parvo
The villian in most of the Road Rover episodes, Parvo definetly shows that's he's a baddie. Always plotting to rule the world, the Rovers are always called to stop him. Parvo, who stole the Master's Transdogmafier blue prints,(see above for more on this), changed it into "The Cano-Mutator", which he uses to Mutate into evil, bad, and not to mention ugly, Cano-Mutants. This machine has also been used to mutate fish, cats, and a few other creatures into humanoid mutants as well. Parvo, who thought he rid of Professor Shepard and his plans for good forever, REALLY hates the Rovers(big surprise, heh?). He also always is coughing.. and there's a good reason for that, too ^-^. But if I told you that, it'd ruin the episode(if you haven't seen it, of course) now wouldn't it?

The Groomer
" ".. Insert your Groomer worthy quote here ^^(No seriously. I couldn't think of one!)
The Groomer, The Groomer, The Groomer. What can I say about *her*?. Well, she's Parvo's assistant, she's evil, she always suplies Parvo with a losenge, and heck, she even shaved Shag's head in one episode! The Groomer has a liking for cats..she even changed a few into Felo-Mutants in one episode, and rebelled against Parvo ^-^.(Dawn of the Groomer). Groomer has a bad additude(I think so), and of course, hates the Rovers ^^.

Coming Soon,(to home video!! hehe):Confuises, Hubert Bloodhound, Storm.
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