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Kameka's Art

You've reached the section of my art ^_^. I knowww. It's not thatt big. I'll work on it ;D.

Kameka(c)Kameka(That'ss mee!
My first ever Rover piccie. Not too good, in my opinion, but oh well ;). I was practicing a bunch of weird ways to draw dogs, and I tried one of Kameka. Kinda a more "Cartoony" drawing. I dunno e_e Whoosh!

Colleen.. is ticked.(c)WB Animation
Whoa o_O. Who ticked off Colleen? Must be Blister again ;-). I drew this one at camp, so it's a little dirty c_c. And guess what? I got a new scanner! Wheee!

Manchita!(c)Julie Ramonz
This is one of my new chars, Manchita! Kawaii, isn't she? Kind of a messed up image. I'm still perfecting the way I draw eyes. I've been trying alot of diffrent styles, though I don't like this on much -_-*.

Kameka again ^^(c)Julie Ramonz
I drew this in Math, and I didn't have a pencil or any good paper to draw with ;_;. Anyway, after using my very crappy blue erasable pen to draw this little piccie of Kameka in a school girl uniform, I thought it was cute and decided to scan it ^^. Of course, I don't know *why* she'd be that happy to go to school, but of course.. o.O

*New*Buddies (c)Me
Manchita and Kameka pose for a picture ^-^. I know -_-. This drawing looks really smudgy and stuff x_x;. But that's cuz I drew it in History, and it got all smudgy in my binder >=O.

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