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Ok, I've seen the page, read the stuff.. but who made it?

Who is me? Good question -_-;;. ~yells to the backstage dude~Hey! Who am I again? Oh right! My name is Julie? Ahh! Ok!..=PP. Here's the basic stuff about me. I put it so it's like your interviewing me or something. I dunno, thought it would be easier to comprehend =). Have fun -_-.
What's my name?:My name is Julie, pronounced Who-Lee. When I moved to Colorado, people thought my name was pronounced how it was spelt-so I let my name be changed to the American way of saying it. Weird, no? My last name is Ramonz,for those who care ^_^

Where are you from?I'm from Puerto Rico and I lived there for like 12 years., but currently I'm living in Colrorado. I hope I get to move back to P.R. soonn cuz I miss it and stuff ^^

How old are you?I'm going into 8th grade. Fun, huh? @.@

When is your birthday?April 21st

What kind of music do you like?Salsa, American rap, Spanish rap, alternative.. Stuff...

What's your fav bands/singers/artist?:Ricky Martin, assorted Salsa people, Eminem, Jay-Z, Smash Mouth, Vertical Horizon, assorted Spanish rappers..

What kind of books do you like to read? Me, I'm a HUGE reader. I love reading =). I like fantasy and adventure and any novel that's animal related. I also like the "Ever World" series, and MANY other books.

TV shows?:ROAD ROVERS!! I wish it had more episodes =). I also like King Of The Hill,Futurama, Wild Thornberrys, Gundam Wing, CatDog, Dragon Ball Z, though I don't like the English version. SAILOR MOON! I don't like the Enlgish version -_-;;. Bt the new ones on CN are ok ^-^.

What do like to collect?:Little glass doggys =). Anything Road Rover related, though there isn't really alot to collect, and though not by choice, the place under my bed collects things that I can't find. Does that count?

Sports? Skiing, rock climbing, soccer, e.t.c

Have any hobbies?I like to be silly ^_^. I also like to play the sports I listed, collect the things I listed, Anything outside, the internet, hanging with my friends, reading, poking people 'till they get mad, walking in my dog, talking on the phone, and ALOT of stuff.

Do you have any pets? I have a golden retriever mix named Rocket, thus the tripod name of my page "rocketrover". I found him when he was a little puppy. He's a great dog. I also have a cat named Negri ^_^;;.

Describe yourself mentally:Mentally, I'm a very nice person. People say I'm a good listener, and I guess that's true. People also same I'm the leader type, I guess that's true too. I'm a very thoughtful person, but far from boring. Unless I'm sick or in a really bad mood, I'm always kind to the people around me. I'm the kind of person your can count on to cheer you up when you feel bad. =). I like to make jokes and laugh. I think of the world as funny rather than a sad gloomy face. That's my phylosophy ;).

Describe yourself physically:I'm not very tall, due to the fact that I'm Puerto Rican, and Puerto Ricans tend to be small. I'm also pretty skinny, but not anoreixic(sp) kinda skinny just.. stoof. I have black hair and light brown eyes, and stand probably about 5'2. That's basically me =)

That's all, folks! =P. That about sums up me, I guess. I didn't mention it there, but I do love talking to people, so feel free to IM or mail me and stoof!