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Kameka's Bio

Full Name:Kameka Kobiachi

Name Meaning:The name "Kameko" means Child of the Tortoise in Japanese, and since I just added an "a" to create Kameka's name, I guess it means the same thing.

Date of Birth:Unknown, but the Rovers made up a birthday for her-October 31st.

Age:Around 15 in dog years. She's very young to be a Rover, but because of her help, she was made a full Rover.

From:Earth in the year 3001.

Phsyical Traits:Long blue hair that Colleen often suggests she cuts, yellow fur and purple eyes. Kameka has a floofffyy tail, too. No really noticable markings.

History: ::smirks:: If I write my planned version, it's gonna be LONG! I'll just sum it up:
In the year 3001 a.d., 3 cano-sapien children are sent 1,000 years back, so they will not be destroyed by a certain evil. One of them, Kameka, was found by the Rovers not much later. When she tells them of her origin,and of her odd powers, they are afraid whether to trust her or not. They though she was working for Parvo, especially when she tells them what the future is like. Determined to prove herself as an allie, she helps them in defeating on of Parvo's bases, and after awhile, the Rovers decide she's not working for Parvo after all, and treat her like a normal Rover. Hunter,even though he and Kameka seem to to get along, still sometimes suspects her purpose.

Powers:Kameka discovers she has psychic powers shortly after she arrives on earth(presemt time).

Personality:Though Kameka is usually cheerful and nice, there are times where she wants to be alone, often wanting to try to comunicate with the future. She also likes hanging around the other Rovers, and talking ^_^. Kameka also likes telling jokes and playing tricks, which she believes are very funny, but no one else seems to agree. =o Kameka is also the kind of person that likes helping people. Though people suspect her as just another hyper, silly person, she really is intelligent, sweet, and helpful-When she wants to be >=O

Hobbies: Poking people, playing tricks, getting into trouble, telling jokes she thinks are good, but are really bad. Kameka also spends certain times when she's not hanging around trying to communicate with the future where she came from. She hasn't succeeded in that, yet.

RR Buds:Blitz,Colleen, Exile, Hunter, Shag, Muzzle, Maxx, and Manchita.

Personal Quote:AHHH!!!

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