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....gotta question?

Hi everyone! Manchita here, reporting for the duty of... *looks at paper* Questions..? Hmm. According to this, the deal here is you send Kameka and I questions, and we answer them. Anything goes, from silly, serious, to completely random questions. So, come on! What are you waiting for? E-Mail us some questions, bub!

What's with the Tripod name 'ssjrocketrover'? Where did that come from?
Well, you see, I have a dog named Rocket. Back when I lived in Puerto Rico, I adopted a sato (Puerto Rican street dog) who I named, using English, "Rocket". The name evolved from the fact that the dog was amazingly fast - my friends and I would hold dog races, and Rocket, true to his name, would speed like a bullet, passing the others with relative ease. The 'ssj' is for "SuperSaijin"(sp?). Long ago, I was very into the whole anime thing. My interest in it now is hanging by a tiny thread, however. Anywise, my dog, Rocket, has a fur of a golden color, similar to the color of a super saiyan's hair. My sister and I used to joke and say "Rocket's a super saiyan!". The ending, 'rover' is because when I first started building this website, it was my intention to make Rocket my lead Rover character. Kameka evolved, eventually, in the making, and she became my lead character, mainly, I guess, because... hmm. Perhaps having a lead character the same sex as me seemed better(I know, Maxx, I did steal that sentance from you.) . Kameka is like a female version of Rocket, so I suppose it works out :)~

How did you come up with the names for your characters?
First, let's start with Kameka's name. I was looking through a baby name book back before I created Kammie, and came across the name "Kameko". It was a masculine Japanese name, and meant "child of the tortoise". The name didn't particually stick out to me, but apparently, it stayed in the back of my mind. When I was pondering a name for Kameka, "Kameko" just popped right up like a sign from the gods ;). Of course, I dropped the "o" and added an "a".
Manchita's name simply means "little spot" in Spanish. I originally was just going to call her "Mancha" for "spot", but it sounded to bland, so I called her "Manchita" instead, even though the spot on her face is far from little.