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Dervish's Fanfiction.
Dervish's Fanction ^^ He's a great writer, he's funny.. and hey, he's orange ^^ ~L~
Fallen Comerades.
The Rovers go on what seems like a simple mission.. until things get bad. Will all the Rovers make it out alive?

The Bystander
This was a project for Dervish's creative writing class. Derv, Cero, and Talia go to the Salvation Army and ~L~ I don't wanna spoil anything :). A must read ^^

Road Rover Deathmatch #1.
What words can describe *this*? Amusing.. hilarious.. :). The Rovers duke it out! Read =D

Random Scene #1.
..^_^;;. Random Scene #1. Based on Mike Browner's story.

Random Scene #2.
Random Scene #2! I like this one alot, as well =). Read it ^^(I know -_-. I'm really one for descriptions, eh?)

The Fanclub.
Dervish and Val get assigned to infliterate a factory and get some information for the Master.. but things don't go quite as planned.. (yes, I know -_-. Dervish used this *same* description for his ^^. I couldn't think of a better one ;P)

Eternal Knights.
Dervish and Dawn get sent back into the time when knights ruled.. and just guess who happens to be there, too? The infamous.. Storm. Will our furry heros make it back to their own time alone? Find Out =O.